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What are Weed Grinders and Why Do People Use Them?

What are Weed Grinders and Why Do People Use Them?

Weed grinders are tools that are used to break cannabis buds down into smaller, more usable pieces. The majority of people who use weed grinders swear that it improves the flavor and overall smoking experience. Other individuals may prefer to keep things simple and break their weed up by hand. So, what exactly are weed grinders and why do people use them anyway?

What are Weed Grinders?

Most weed grinders are circular objects and range anywhere from 2” to 6” in diameter. Grinders can be made out of metal, wood, or plastic.

Types of Weed Grinders:

  • Metal Weed Grinders- The most popular choice for their exceptional durability.
  • Wood Grinders-High-quality, but costly and often difficult to clean.
  • Plastic Weed Grinders- The cheapest and least durable type of grinders available.

Most weed grinders are designed with four basic chambers, including:

  • A Lid w/Grinding Teeth
  • A Plate w/ Grinding teeth
  • A Storage Chamber
  • A Weed Collection Chamber

Some grinders make also have an additional storage chamber and/or separate kief collection chamber.

Why Should You Grind Your Weed?

Grinding your weed simply provides you will a more consistently sized bud and makes it easier to enjoy. Ground weed provides cleaner, smoother hits. Grinding your weed has also been shown to significantly enhance the flavor and aroma of the bud.

Small weed grinders are also an easy and convenient way to transport your weed. These compact containers can hold a surprisingly decent amount of weed.

How Do You Use a Weed Grinder?

Using a weed grinder is really simple. Before you put your weed in your grinder, be sure to go ahead and remove all stems and seeds.

1). Break up the weed into smaller chunks on the grinder plate. Avoid placing these chunks too close to the center of the grinder.

2). Grind your weed down and allow it all to collect in the chamber below. Remove the lid carefully and tap it gently to avoid wasting any flower.

3). Open the weed collection chamber and roll yourself a joint or a tightly-packed bowl.

How Do You Clean Your Weed Grinder?

Weed grinders can quickly become sticky with regular use. Not only is a dirty grinder unsanitary, but this buildup of resin can make it difficult to turn and nearly impossible to use.  Fortunately, cleaning your grinder doesn’t have to be difficult. All you’ll need is a toothbrush and some rubbing alcohol. Use the toothbrush to scrub between the grinder teeth with water and rubbing alcohol. Rinse it and be sure to allow it to dry completely before use.

What to Use if You Don’t Have a Weed Grinder

Don’t have a weed grinder on hand? No worries. You don’t actually need a grinder. In fact, there are plenty of people who prefer other methods for grinding up their weed.

There are plenty of other creative ways to break up weed quickly without a grinder, including:

  • Scissors
  • Playing Cards
  • A Knife
  • Keys

Many people also use a shot glass, cutting board, or even a small dinner plate for weed clipping while breaking up bud by hand.

In some situations, using another method may even be more efficient, depending on the amount of weed that needs to be broken up.

For example, it would probably be faster and easier just break your weed up by hand for just one bowl/joint. But, if you plan on smoking again later, it may make more sense to use a grinder to break up a larger amount of weed.  

Other ideas include a coffee grinder, a cheese grater, and scissors.

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