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Top 6 Weed Strains for Better Sleep

Top 6 Weed Strains for Better Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep or do you struggle to stay asleep? Sleep issues are a common and frustrating issue for many individuals.

Studies show that ingesting weed before bedtime has the potential to promote relaxation of the mind and body. Smoking weed before bed may help you fall asleep in less time and stay asleep longer, increasing your overall quality of sleep.

Each unique strain of cannabis contains varying amounts of active compounds to produce different effects. These effects will also vary based on your unique body chemistry.

Start slow and experiment with different strains to discover which would be the most effective treatment for you. We have compiled data from regular customers who were happy to share which strains provide them with the most enjoyable sleep experience. Here are the top 6 most popular weed strains for sleep.

Why Does Weed Help with Sleep?

Weed contains over 100 different cannabinoids each of which produces differing effects inside the body. Studies have shown that THC affects the body’s CB1 receptors and can be effective in promoting healthy sleep.  Strains with high levels of THC have been shown to be the most effective for promoting sleep and may help with a wide range of potential health issues.

Top 6 Weed Strains for Sleep

The following strains, most of which are available in our Vegas marijuana dispensary were reported to be the most effective for promoting healthy, deep, and relaxing sleep.

1). London Pound Cake

Looking for a sweet strain that smells as delicious as its name suggests? London Pound Cake may be the perfect strain to add to your bedtime routine. This Indica-dominant strain features 18.62% THC and provides a pleasant mind and body high.

London Pound Cake is a balanced strain that promotes relaxation and has been an effective treatment for individuals who struggle to fall and/or stay asleep.

2). #9

Want to experience a potent high that sends your body into a state of deep relaxation? #9 showcases a uniquely bred cannabinoid profile that provides you will a powerful high. This strain features bold, citrus, pine, and earthy flavors that are reminiscent of the original OG strain.

3). Fire OG

Are you interested in a strain that can provide you with the ultimate cannabis experience? Fire OG is potent, bold, and features 20.5% THC. This hybrid flower is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa variety.

This bold classic also features a vast profile of cannabinoids, including THC, limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and more. These terpenes have been shown to provide users with numerous benefits, in addition to sleep.

Click here to learn more about cannabis terpenes and the potential health benefits of these compounds, and visit our Vegas marijuana dispensary and talk to a budtender to get in-person information as well.

4). Tokyo Snow

best sleep strains at our Vegas marijuana dispensary

Tokyo Snow is another local favorite that is well-sought for its relaxing properties. Tokyo Snow features high THC content, at 23.22%.  This strain also features numerous other beneficial compounds, including limonene, caryophyllene, and humulene.

5). Cereal Milk

Are you ready to experience a potent head high as you drift off to a peaceful sleep? Cereal Milk features the sweet and delicious aroma of milk and ice cream. This hybrid strain has been shown to promote relaxation throughout the mind and body, creating the ideal experience for a good night’s sleep.

6). Layer Cake

Ready to turn off your mind and enjoy a relaxing full-body high? Layer Cake is a popular Indica-dominant strain that boasts a potent profile. Layer Cake was bred by crossing the ever-popular wedding cake, with GMO and Triangle Kush. Fans of this bold hybrid strain report that they enjoy the pungent, sweet, and woody scents of the flower.

Weed Helps Promote Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to numerous issues, including mental and physical health ailments.  You deserve to experience quality sleep on a regular basis. Experience the relief of deep cannabis-induced sleep by finding the perfect strain.

The effects that each strain of cannabis will provide does vary greatly amongst individuals. Start slow and experiment with several strains to discover which variety would be the most effective

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