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Do Valentine’s Day right this year by reimagining traditional gifts. Whether your relationship is fresh and new or you’re celebrating years together, your partner will love the thought you put into this Valentine’s Day!

Infused Treats

Chocolate is a classic Valentine’s Day gift going back to the early 1900’s here in the US, when Russell Stover began packaging chocolates in a heart-shaped box. That’s sweet, but you’re going to pass on the grocery store chocolates this year and make your own cannabis infused chocolate hearts instead. Don’t worry, it’s super easy. 

All you need is a chocolate mold and some Kabunky chocolate bars. You’ll find a variety of fun and inexpensive molds online or at your local craft and homegoods stores. Look for variety packs with different shapes, including birthday, holiday, and seasonal shapes. Once you learn this technique you can use it for any event or holiday. 


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To mold your hearts, melt your chocolate in a double boiler. Never used a double boiler before? Click here to watch a 60 second video that will show you everything you need to know. When your chocolate is nice and melted, spoon the liquid chocolate into your molds and cool in the refrigerator until firm. Once hardened, pop them from the mold and you’ve just made your very first infused chocolate heart. You can serve them as is, or take the presentation to the next level by dusting them with colored powdered sugar or wrapping them in red or pink foil to preserve their freshness and increase the wow factor.

Kabunky chocolates contain approximately 100mg. of THC and can be segmented into ten individual portions with 10mg. of THC in each serving. To maintain the dosing, make ten equal sized hearts. 

If molding your own hearts is a little too much for you, here are some easy alternatives you can make with Kabunky Chocolate:

  • Shave or grate over a premade desert
  • Make infused S’mores 
  • Make infused hot chocolate 
  • Crumble into premade cookie dough for fresh baked infused cookies
  • Or just open it up and enjoy right out of the wrapper


You can also make your partner a delicious infused beverage using Sip Elixirs. CLICK HERE to read our blog with three delicious infused drinks you can make using a Sip Elixir.

*Keep infused foods out of the reach of children. Clearly label infused foods when storing. Never give someone infused foods without their knowledge.


The second most traditional Valentine’s Day gift is flowers. Every year, gardeners grow about 200 million roses just for Valentine’s Day! Flowers are a wonderful gift because they offer such pleasant sensory experiences. They’re fragrance fills a room and they’re so lovely they’re presented in beautiful glass vases. 


Instead of the traditional bouquet of roses, give your Valentine the gift of cannabis flowers this year. Cannabis flowers are better than roses, and there’s one main reason why. Roses can’t get you high! We’re not saying skip traditional flowers altogether. If giving roses is your thing, then by all means, do your thing. But imagine how happy your partner would be if they found an 1/8th of their favorite strain tucked in their bouquet! 

Nevada Made carries a large variety of cultivators, with dozens of strains to choose from. You’ll find top growers like:

  • Nature’s Chemistry
  • Kabunky
  • The Grower Circle
  • Superior
  • Moxie
  • Virtue
  • Polaris
  • Elusive
  • And more! 


Don’t forget the vase. Nevada Made has a large selection of glass accessories to accompany your flowers. Choose from hand pipes, bubblers, beakers, tubes, and more. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, you’re sure to find something that your partner will love.

CBD Massage


Valentine’s Day is a day of intimacy. Pamper your partner with a scintillating massage using a CBD tincture. CBD is non-intoxicating and has many wellness benefits, including minor pain relief and mental relaxation. Your partner will feel amazing after their massage, which can spark a night of passion. 

CBD tinctures are perfect for this application. Simply add a few drops to your massage oil or lotion of choice, and apply lovingly. Follow the recommended dosing instructions on the packaging to get the most out of your massage.

Besides using a CBD tincture for a massage, you can also incorporate it into your daily wellness routines. Tinctures are edible and can be added to any food or drink, or you can simply squeeze a few drops on your tongue. Come in today and talk to one of our friendly Budtenders about CBD tinctures. Your partner will be so glad you did. 

Vape Pens & Cartridges


Give your lover the gift of discretion this Valentine’s Day. Vape pens are much more discreet than flowers, making them a great gift that can be kept very private. Unlike flowers or prerolls, vape pens have no organic matter. Vape pens are filled with cannabis distillate, which is pure extracted THC. Extraction artists then add terpenes and other cannabinoids to create a targeted flavor and euphoria. 

With lab testing breaking down the exact chemical makeups of our favorite strains, extraction artists can recreate them using the exact same terpene and cannabinoid ratios. There are hundreds of strain and flavor combinations to explore, each with their own euphoric experiences. Whether you choose a heady Sativa, a body dense Indica, or a mix of the two with a Hybrid, you’re sure to have a night to remember. 



The just-right couple’s smoke, prerolls are perfect for two. Most prerolls are made with one gram of flower. For many cannabis users, that’s a bit too much to take on alone. That’s where your partner comes in. The one-gram preroll is perfect for two. 

Need more than one gram? Need less? We’ve got you covered. We carry a large variety of prerolls in various sizes. All the way from a half-gram mini up to a massive 14 gram KANNON. 

Don’t forget about infused prerolls. Packed with flowers, kief, and concentrates, infused prerolls are a great way to level up your euphoric experience. 

With more than 50 prerolls from nearly a dozen cultivators, you can choose the best strain for the mood you want to set. 



Make Valentine’s Day special this year with the gift of cannabis. You’re sure to delight your partner with any of the ideas from this gift guide: 

  • Handmade Infused Chocolate Hearts 
  • Cannabis Flowers 
  • CBD Infused Massage
  • Vape Pens and Cartridges
  • Prerolls

CLICK HERE to pre-order now, and happy Valentine’s Day from Nevada Made.