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The Terpometer By Zpace Laboratories: Exclusively At Nevada Made!

The Terpometer by Zpace Laboratories takes the guess work out of dabbing.

Dabbing concentrates is popular for a few reasons, including the facts that concentrates are free from plant matter and some of the most potent products available. Providing a product that helps optimize the dabbing process lets new users to establish a proper dabbing routine, and gives experienced dabbers the chance to perfect their routine. 

Novice users who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of dabbing can find the torch and rig setup intimidating, specifically when it comes to temperature control. Concentrates are more expensive than flowers, and there’s the definite possibility of wasting a dab due to a banger that’s too hot or too cold. 

Even experienced dabbers fall victim to the improperly heated nail now and again. This is exactly why Zack Miller invented the Terpometer. An avid dabber himself, Zack wanted to know the exact temperature of his banger so that he could always get the perfect dab. He tried titanium e-nails, color-changing quartz bangers, and even digital thermometers.

The e-nails gave him the temperature control he wanted, but left some things to be desired regarding flavor and portability. The color-changing quartz were more of a novelty than an effective tool, and the digital laser thermometers were inefficient at reading clear glass. Try as he might, he couldn’t find the tool he needed …

So he made one!


The Terpometer by Zpace Laboratories is a one-of-a-kind dabbing tool that ensures the perfect dab every single time. But better than that, it’s a tool that will help establish a proper and efficient dab routine.

By knowing the exact temperature of your nail, you’re going to have complete control over your dab experience. No more holding your wrist or fingertips near the banger to guess at the temperature! The Terpometer takes all the guessing out of dabbing. 


This convenient and sleek tool is self-contained, meaning you have everything you need to dab built into the unit itself. The ceramic-tipped temperature sensor takes a precise reading, which is clearly visible in the color-coded display. The reverse side of the Terpometer is a rounded-and-pronged dab tool, ideal for scooping and administering any form of concentrate. Finally, the main body is treated with a heat-resistant wrap, diffusing any excess heat shed from your nail. 

The design is thoughtful and effecient, like any well-made tool should be. It’s intuitive to use, which is why the instructions are so brief. 


Simply heat your nail as usual. When your nail is nice and hot, click the button on your Terpometer three times to turn it on. Place the ceramic tip in the hot nail and watch the digital display. Not only will it give you the exact temperature, it will also give you color-coded temperature zones between 0°-1,000°:

  • RED – 600°-1000° 
  • GREEN – 540°-600° 
  • BLUE – 0°-540° 

Depending on the thickness of your banger and the ambient temperature, nails can cool slowly or rapidly, which is where the color-coded temperature zones are most effective. A quickly cooling, thin banger can go from too hot to too cold in a just a moment. Knowing the optimal temp window of a thin banger will save you countless wasted dabs. This is also true for thicker bangers, which can retain heat for a very long time, especially in the dense bottom. 

This optimal temp window is the product of much R&D by Miller, who spent countless hours dialing in the ideal temperature zone. Did you know that your banger will drop in temperature at least 60° when you introduce the concentrates? That initial drop is factored into the optimal temp window, as well as the continual drop that results from inhaling cool air through the banger. 

All of these factors have been accounted for, making the 540°-600° temperature zone perfect for smooth, flavorful, and maximum potency dabbing. 


For novice dabbers, this helps them to get to know their rig and banger. They’ll become familiar with the time it takes to heat, as well as how long it takes to cool. 

For experienced dabbers, the same is true, but to greater effect. They’ll learn exactly how little they need to heat a nail to get into the optimal temp window. This will save plenty on torch fuel. This will also save your heady quartz bangers from accidental chazzing from excessively hot dabs. 


If you’re a novice and ready to give dabbing a try, or an old head looking to perfect your routine, the Terpometer is the tool you need! You can order one of your very own by clicking here to visit their website, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram

But if you just can’t wait, you can come on down to either Nevada Made location to pick one up today! We’re lucky to be the very first dispensary in the country to carry the Terpometer. Click here to return to our homepage and access our menus by location.