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6 Productive Things to Do While You’re Stoned in Las Vegas

6 Productive Things to Do While You're Stoned in Las Vegas

There is a common misconception pot smokers are lazy and unmotivated. Anyone who has ever smoked a mind-enhancing sativa strain knows that this is simply untrue. In fact, for many individuals weed has been shown to increase energy, heighten focus, and improve overall productivity. Are you searching for productive things to do while you’re stoned in Las Vegas?

There are several activities that are even more enjoyable while you’re stoned. Here are 6 productive activities that you should try the next time that you are high in Las Vegas.

1). Experience Fine Art at Las Vegas Galleries

There are several prestigious art galleries in Las, Vegas Nevada that feature art fine in various styles. Explore unique mixed-media contemporary art originals at the Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery.

2). Create Your Own Art

Don’t feel like venturing out? Create your own art the next time that you get stoned. Cannabis has been reported to promote artistic-thinking processes and creativity. Try drawing, painting, or molding oven-bake clay the next time that you get stoned.

3). Visit a Botanical Garden

Another great way to spend the day in Las Vegas is by visiting a local nature preserve and botanical gardens. Visit the Botanical Gardens at Springs Reserve to explore dozens of species of unique vegetation. There are numerous exhibits to experience, including a rose garden, palm tree garden, succulent garden, a wetland habitat, and more.

4). Get Some Exercise

Many people report feeling increased levels of energy while they are stoned. Take advantage of this increased energy by enjoying a nice jog around the neighborhood. Or you could hit the hotel if you are visiting the. area. Working out while stoned has been shown to maximize feel-good chemicals in the brain, as well as endorphins during and after your workout.

Do you prefer to exercise outdoors? Las Vegas, Nevada is also a hiking enthusiast’s dream. Grab a few friends and plan a day hike at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

5). Read, Write, or Journal

Don’t feel like venturing out or spending money? Smoking weed has also been reported to encourage mindfulness and promote positive energy. Spend time reading, journaling, or medicating the next the that you get high. Marijuana may enhance the already positive effects of these activities on your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

6). Explore the Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Explore Las Vegas Natural History Museum the next time that you find yourself high in Las Vegas. Experience a wide range of captivating exhibits, including, dinosaurs, wildlife, and even a live shark exhibit.

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