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Slay Your Wellness Resolutions With Cannabis!

Eat Better – Drink Less – Exercise More

Some of you reading this – with kale smoothie in hand, or on the treadmill – are crushing your New Year’s resolutions. Congratulations!

This isn’t for you.

This is for us who are on the tipping point of giving up. We cleaned the junk food and booze out of the pantry, and even got some home exercise equipment. We have the passion and momentum, but it’s fading fast.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is hard, especially when you take on the ‘Big 3’ at the same time: alcohol, diet, and exercise. Getting up early to work out instead of sleeping in, making healthy eating choices instead of indulging at will, and going without that unwinding evening drink gets old real fast.

If that’s you, you’re probably thinking it’s about time to call it quits, delete that resolution post, and start scrolling Postmates for a restaurant that’ll deliver a bottle of wine with your meal.

But you’re not going to quit. You’re going to keep those resolutions with the help of cannabis!

Cannabis offers many wellness and recreational resources that can help you get through when you’re ready to give up.

Here are some ways cannabis can help you tackle the Big 3!

Cannabis & Exercise

Cannabis & Exercise

You might think it’s ironic to associate cannabis with exercise, but there are plenty of ways cannabis can help you maintain an active lifestyle. In fact, many health-minded people workout with cannabis

Yes, certain cannabis strains and products, especially Indica and Indica-dominant Hybrids, have sedative effects. The strain formerly known as Gorilla Glue (now branded as GG#4, Glue, or The Glue) earned its name because its effects ‘glue’ you to the couch. But, there are strains and products whose euphoric effects are mentally uplifting and physically invigorating.

Sativas and certain Hybrids can offer more pep than a cup of coffee or energy drink. You’ll feel ready to go, filled with energy to burn. But the physical motivation is only half of the experience of combining cannabis and exercise.

Cannabis’ euphoric properties are physical and mental. Sativas and Sativa-dominant Hybrids can instill both physical energy as well as mental clarity and focus. You’ll have the strength and willpower to make it through your toughest workouts.

Finding the right product is easy. Consult one of our knowledgeable Budtenders to learn more about strains and products that offer these properties.

Cannabis & Exercise Recovery

Cannabis & Exercise Recovery

Slow recovery and physical pain can discourage you from maintaining a daily exercise habit. There’s nothing worse than exercising with burning, sore muscles.

Being sore is one of the biggest excuses we use to not exercise.

Not anymore.

There are a host of cannabis recovery products that can erase the pain and the excuses. Among them are topical creams, tinctures, and patches that are infused with cannabis extracts to target specific problem areas. You’ll also find ingestibles, which can offer whole-body relief.

Cannabis has a long list of healing properties, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Bronchodilator (increased oxygen intake)
  • And more

Cannabis recovery products are infused with a variety of cannabis compounds. You’ll find CBD, THC, CBN, and CBG cannabinoids blended with other known wellness properties to ease your pain and keep you on your exercise schedule. Many of these products are non-euphoric, meaning you won’t get ‘high’ from applying a CBD recovery cream. This is welcome news for people looking to benefit from canna-wellness without experiencing the intoxicating effects of THC.

Click here to discover cannabis recovery products.

Cannabis & Diet

Cannabis & DietImage Credit

As noted, not all cannabis gets you high. In fact, hemp contains miniscule euphoric properties, which means you can eat all the tasty hemp seeds you want without getting high. Hemp seeds, or hemp hearts as they’re commonly known, have a mild, nutty flavor that is incredibly versatile in the kitchen.

Hemp hearts are quickly gaining popularity for their many benefits, which include:

  • Fighting inflammation
  • Boosting immune system
  • Rich in fatty acids
  • High in protein and calcium
  • And more

Even though it can contain trace amounts of THC, hemp is non-psychoactive and you definitely won’t feel any euphoric effects. Hemp hearts come from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is the same plant that produces THC. The difference is that hemp plants are selected and bred for their extremely low amounts of THC and high amounts of other beneficial compounds.

Hemp hearts can be prepared in many different ways. Snack on them raw. Sprinkle them on everything from yogurt to avocado toast. Or, blend them into smoothies, soups, and dips. There are plenty of recipes to be found online.

Chock full of vitamins and essential fatty acids, hemp hearts are a great way to introduce cannabis into your dietary routine.

Cannabis & The Munchies

Let’s get to the real question: Does cannabis give you the munchies?

Yes and no. Cannabis, especially high-THC cannabis products might stimulate the release of ghrelin, a hormone that can trigger the feeling of hunger. But feeling hungry and being hungry are two different things.

It’s important to create a meal schedule and stick to it if you want to avoid losing to the munchies. Knowing your stomach is already full makes a big difference if hunger hits hard. It can take a bit of willpower to overcome, but that’s what resolutions are all about, right? Just know that it’s a reaction to the release of ghrelin, not actual hunger.

But be ready in case those munchies just won’t go away. Prepare some healthy snacks before using high-THC products. You might be preparing a fruit bowl thinking: ‘I don’t want this!’ But all that changes when the munchies come on.

Cannabis & The MunchiesImage Credit

And don’t forget to keep healthy drinks on hand. Cannabis can also cause dry mouth, which promotes bad breath, so make sure to drink plenty of water.

If you find that high-THC products over-stimulate your appetite, try some lower-THC options. Since THC is the stimulating factor for the release of ghrelin, lower-THC products might help alleviate that issue.

Experiment with a variety of cannabis products to find out which ones least cause you the munchies.

Cannabis & Alcohol

With all this dedication and sacrifice, you’ve earned yourself a nice stiff dri … oh yeah, no alcohol.

Nothing’s more relaxing than a drink at the end of a long day. But where can you turn for relief when you’ve given up alcohol? If only there were a legal, safe and natural, mild intoxicant out there that could replace alcohol!

Cannabis & AlcoholImage Credit

Cannabis has been used for its intoxicating properties for a very long time. Ancient civilizations cultivated cannabis for many reasons, and getting high was one of those reasons. Whether it was flowers or potent plant resin, cannabis has been getting people high for thousands of years.

Cannabis’ euphoria is a gentle caress compared to alcohol’s slap across the face. Ease into a cannabis buzz, letting the effects come on, peak, and then wane with no residual after-effects. You won’t experience the dehydration, fatigue, and raging headaches that alcohol hangovers induce. You’ll wake the next morning feeling rested and mentally aware, ready to tackle the day.

You know you don’t have to smoke cannabis to enjoy its effects, right? For many, smoking flowers is the only way they’ve experienced cannabis, but with today’s expansive product selection there are plenty of ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking any plant matter.

Edibles are a very popular option. You’ll find the standard brownies and gummies, but you’ll also find find chocolates and pastries, hard candies, and even drinks. Plus, many edibles are available in vegan/vegetarian and sugar-free options. Or, go with a tincture, which is a concentrated liquid that you dose with a dropper. Add some drops to your own culinary creations and bring out your inner canna-chef!

Cannabis Edibles Nevada Made

Vapable cannabis is also very popular. Consumers love the convenience and discretion of a vape pen or disposable cartridge. They’re easy to use, offer plenty of variety, and take all the guesswork out of the process. Plus, because cartridges are filled with distilled cannabis oils, you’re not smoking any plant matter, making them a viable option to smoking flowers from a pipe, bong, or joint.

Concentrates are the most powerful cannabis products. The cannabis plant is incredibly versatile. You can use the fibers for about a million different things, and the flowers for their diverse euphoric and wellness properties. Production artists have found ways to extract and isolate a whole slew of active compounds from the plant. Concentrates are made from these compounds and can be very, very potent. Some of our strongest concentrates top 80% THC.

Topicals are a lesser known way to experience cannabis. Many topicals are designed with wellness benefits in mind and not at all euphoric. Although, there are a few topical products out there that are meant to induce a euphoric experience, especially transdermal patches.

For many, giving up alcohol is tough because of the mental and physical relief it offers (though at a price!). Substituting cannabis is a great way to still enjoy a relaxing euphoric experience, without breaking your resolution.


cannabis to motivate and energizeImage Credit

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, cannabis can help you keep them! Use cannabis to motivate and energize yourself for regular workouts, replace unhealthy eating options with healthy hemp, understand your cravings, and substitute that aggressive, unhealthy alcohol buzz for the gentle and uplifting kiss of cannabis.

Change can be hard, but great rewards lay at the end of the path. Don’t give up. Even if you choose not to incorporate cannabis into your resolutions, you got this! Maintain a positive mindset, utilize a support network, take things one moment at a time, and think long term.

But, if you want 2020 to be the year you discover your best self, consider making cannabis a part of your wellness routines.