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Reina: Black, Gold, Green & Gorgeous

Finally, a product that matches Las Vegas’ chic vibe!

Vegas is an evolving city, always on the cutting edge of high fashion, fine dining, live entertainment, and luxury living. You’d think that as Nevada unveiled its recreational cannabis laws, a luxury brand would have been ready to drop on day one. While many brands have established themselves as quality, top-shelf cultivators and producers, none of them have positioned themselves as luxury.

Enter the new queen of luxury cannabis — Reina.

Spanish for queen, Reina recently launched in Nevada as a brand designed for luxury cannabis lifestyles. Everything about Reina exudes sophistication. From their signature black and gold packaging to their exclusive products and formidable leader, Reina sets themselves apart from other brands.

But what exactly is ‘luxury cannabis?’

Mainstream luxury brands are defined as brands for which a majority of its products are high-end and associated with extremely high quality. But as cannabis struggles out of its counterculture image, we as an industry have to set our own benchmarks that will define canna-brands as luxury. set out a few key features that a cannabis brand must display to set itself apart as luxury. Here are four criteria to consider.

1: It must appeal to all five senses.

Luxury cannabis should smell amazing, but there’s much more to fine cannabis than a strong scent profile. Consider the heft of a perfectly cured three-gram nug, the implication of red lipstick on a rose-gold vape pen, the first whiff of a freshly cracked jar, a preroll’s satisfying crackle, or terprenes dancing vibrantly across your tongue. These are the sensations a luxury brand must induce.


Reina’s satisfies the senses with their boutique product selection. Offerings like Purple Glue and Private Reserve, their signature indica-dominant hybrid, bring ample flavor and tactile bliss. And, their swank Mimosa disposable vape pen will be your newest must-have accessory.

Reina’s look, feel, and flavors are a sensory delight that must be experienced first hand.

2: It must be exclusive in terms of availability and distribution.

With huge cultivations and production facilities operating day and night comes a flood of mid-grade products. Manufacturers race to get product to shelves to meet consumers’ ever-increasing demands. Along with mass distribution comes brand blindness, where consumers keep seeing the same product over and over, becoming immune to its appeal, no matter how great of a product it might be.

Reina didn’t want to flood dispensaries, sharing shelf space with every bulk brand on the market. They chose a more demure approach, with small batches being released to a small number of select vendors. By limiting their initial release, Reina is setting a well-deserved tone of exclusivity. Click here to shop for Reina.

3: It must be produced by people known for their talent and expertise.

Reina isn’t just relying on sleek logos and gilded packaging. They’ve partnered with Virtue, one of Nevada’s most well-regarded producers. This collaboration ensures their products meet Reina’s impeccable standards.

To Reina, quality means cleanliness and potency working hand-in-hand with their luxe branding. All of their products are lab tested to meet Nevada’s stringent cleanliness standards and Reina’s own potency requirements (their GG#4 tests above 26% THC). Simply put, Reina offers a luxury cannabis experience by pairing the finest products with elevated aesthetics that separate themselves from other top-shelf brands.

4: It must have a larger social or political meaning.

As markets ripen and cultivators and producers exact their processes, the selection of quality products increase. Brands that demonstrate higher ideals that translate to national/local culture solutions differentiate themselves from strictly for-profit entities.

There’s more to love about Reina than their upscale branding. Reina is founded and operated by Priscilla Vilchis. Priscila, as a woman and minority CEO, is the underrepresented side of this industry. Plus, she’s the youngest female minority to ever receive cannabis licensing in Nevada.


Priscilla’s worked hard to earn her place and she continues to fight to make this a more diverse industry. Reina is the platform that gives this powerful leader more opportunity to effect positive change.

In her own words, “The entry barriers into the industry are formidable, especially for women and minorities. Financial, geographical, and political factors contribute to the problem, on top of the systemic cultural and institutional issues women and people of color face. My role gives me the opportunity to help others who are in the same position I was years ago. We’re here to raise each other up and create the diverse and fair industry we all want to see.”


Shining brighter than the neon.

Fierce. Bold. Disrupter.

These are often just buzzwords that lesser-quality companies use to elevate their brands. But not for Reina. With Priscilla (aka @hollyweedqueen) leading the way, Reina is poised to establish themselves as the luxury cannabis brand Vegas deserves, all while continually moving political and industry boundaries restricting women and minority players. As the luxury cannabis niche further establishes itself, forward-thinking players like Reina will rise to the top.