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New Brand Alert: Nature’s Chemistry

A lot of things come together to create Nature’s Chemistry’s top-shelf flowers.

Nature’s Chemistry has been growing cannabis for more than three years. They’ve spent a lot of time developing their craft, and have fully come into their own. Not that there’s never room for improvement, according to the owners. They constantly strive to streamline their practices, but they’re definitely proud of how far they’ve come.

It’s A Desert Out There

Flash back to their original idea: Design and build an indoor facility specifically for cultivating cannabis in the desert.

By designing their building to their own standards, they weren’t limited to, or hampered by existing buildings available for renovation. This is important, because it plays a big part in the reason they have such a great finished product.

First of all, they’ve minimized the amount of wood that’s in the facility. This gives them near-complete control over humidity levels across the whole building, including specific sections and rooms. Any experienced cultivator will tell you that humidity levels play an important role, and are different at each stage of growth. NC’s facility provides the optimal humidity per zone, giving their plants as much, or as little, moisture as they need at each stage.

Secondly, they designed for efficiency. They’ve streamlined workflow to get product to market as quickly as possible. NC produces about 80 pounds of finished product each week, and getting it from fresh flower to shelf-ready takes precision.

Their building design incorporates efficiency at every level, accounting for each individual step taken. And I don’t mean step one, step two, etc. I mean each footstep. There are no wasted efforts from the time the plant is cut, to the time it reaches the jar or pre-roll. Efficiency is key, and it translates to some of the freshest and most flavorful flowers you can find in Nevada.Finally, they successfully utilize industry best practices. They’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. They’re simply taking proven practices and optimizing them based on their specific applications. For NC, that means Co2 sealed-rooms, and 1000-watt hydro. These methods are proven effective, and the results speak for themselves. This is exactly what they designed their building for and it’s paying strong returns.

Each cultivation is different. In fact, each room in a cultivation is different. It takes time and data to dial in a grow, and that’s what Nature’s Chemistry has been doing since they started.

By tracking as much data as they can get their hands on, they’ve been able to create ideal environments and consistently produce top-shelf cannabis.

All Hand-Processed

In case you’re unfamiliar with modern, large-scale cultivating processes, there’s two main practices. You have your machine processes, which strive to remove human element, and your hand processes which highlight the human element. Machine processes include:

  • Auto-harvesters
  • Stem-strippers
  • Tumble-trimmers
  • Auto-packagers
  • And more

While these tools help increase production rate, they rarely increase quality. In fact, they’re known to decrease the overall quality of the finished product. Every time a cannabis flower is handled for processing, it’s at risk of being damaged. The worst of this damage occurs at a microscopic level in the form of broken resin glands, aka the precious trichomes.

Trichomes store almost everything that is important about the plant including the THC. Shuffling it through a series of vibrating cutting machines results in some serious trichome loss. NC chooses a different approach and only hand process their cannabis.

From the time it’s planted to the time it’s packaged for shipping, each bud is hand processed and touched as little and as lovingly as possible by NC’s expert staff. This is why NC’s flowers retain such a healthy coating of trichomes.

A Huge Selection

NC has a strain library that offers something for everyone. Not only are they offering the classics like their signature Ghost Train Haze, they’re showcasing new and exciting strains to sample, including:

  • Blue Hashplant (Indica)
  • Lemon Killer Haze (Sativa)
  • 702 OG (Indica)
  • Louis XIII (Indica)
  • Pineapple Fanta (Sativa)
  • Air Force One (Hybrid)
  • Many, many more

Available in flower and convenient prerolls, you’re going to love trying them all. Whether you prefer the heady rush of a strong Sativa, the body high from a dank Indica, or the balanced bliss of a potent Hybrid, Nature’s Chemistry has the perfect strain for you.

When you choose NC, you’re choosing proven quality.


Producing top-shelf cannabis is hard, which is why NC decided to build a facility specifically for cultivating in the desert. They utilize the best industry practices, tracking data and adjusting as needed. And, they only hand process, which gives theme complete control over the final product.

Try some for yourself and you’ll see what I mean when I say Nature’s Chemistry is some of my personal favorite cannabis in Vegas.

Check out their website, and follow their Instagram to stay up to date with all-thing’s NC!

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