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New Brand Alert: Mammoth Labs

Mammoth Labs, one of the Pacific Northwest’s most established and trusted brands is now available at Nevada Made Marijuana.


If you’re a fan of concentrates, you might already be familiar with Mammoth Labs. They’re well known for their extraction processes that result in extremely clean, and extremely flavorful concentrates that pack quite a punch. But they offer more than just premium concentrates, with an expanded line of infused pre-rolls, as well as live resin cartridges and disposables. Lucky for all of us, we’re bringing their amazing product line to our shelves. 

Live Resin is a very unique form of cannabis concentrate, being made from fresh-frozen buds. Immediately after harvest, the buds are cut from the plant and flash frozen to preserve the fresh, unadulterated flavor of the strain. This results in some of the tastiest, nose-forward concentrates you can find. They’re light in color, with soft consistencies that make dabbing enthusiasts sit up and take notice. Truly, these concentrates are something special.


Whether you choose their Live Resin Badders or Diamond Sauce, you’re sure to have a top-shelf dabbing experience with Mammoth Labs. If you don’t dab, that’s ok, Mammoth Labs still has you covered with their live resin infused pre-rolls and diamond sauce cartridges and disposables.


The Wonderful Live Diamond Sauce Cart will definitely impress, with its copious terpene profiles (listed below). Even better, you can choose between a full gram 510 thread cartridge, or a half gram disposable. Both are filled with the same delightful Diamond Sauce, so you can’t go wrong with either choice. 



Infused pre-rolls are one of the fastest growing product categories in the industry. Not only because they’re packed with more THC than normal pre-rolls, but because they’re portable and convenient. Also, these are custom products that are difficult to reproduce at home. Yes, you can make your own infused pre-rolls, but it’s very hard to replicate the quality and craftsmanship that Mammoth Labs puts into every infused pre-roll they produce. Every infused pre-roll is infused with THC-A diamonds, making them unique in the Nevada market, where most infused pre-rolls are made with distillate and kief. If you’re looking for top-shelf quality and potency, give the pre-rolls a try today.

Mammoth Labs Concentrates

  • Gas Pack Live Resin Badder
    87.4% THC
    13.85mg/g Terpinolene
    4.21mg/g B-Caryophyllene
    3.77mg/g Limonene
  • Gelatti x Runtz Live Resin Badder
    85.91% THC
    12.23mg/g B-Caryophyllene
    6.86mg/g A-Humulene
    6.58mg/g Limonene
  • Lion’s Mane Live Resin Badder
    86.06% THC
    12.11mg/g Limonene
    9.67mg/g B-Caryophyllene
    5.44mg/g A-Humulene
  • Lion’s Made Live Resin Sauce
    84.82% THC
    9.59mg/g B-Caryophyllene
    5.53mg/g A-Humulene
    4.52mg/g Limonene
  • Mr. Wonderful Live Resin Badder
    89.15% THC
    11.56mg/g B-Caryophyllene
    6.95mg/g A-Humulene
    2.74 A-Bisabolol
  • New York Cheesecake Live Resin Badder
    84.3% THC
    13.15mg/g Limonene
    8.08mg/g Linalool
    7.10mg/g B-Myrcene
  • Thai Fighter Live Resin Sauce
    87.97% THC
    6.19mg/g B-Caryophyllene
    6.06mg/g Linalool
    5.02 Limonene

Mammoth Labs Cartridge/Disposable

  • Wonderful Live Diamond Sauce Cart
    63.92% THC
    38.70mg/g B-Caryophyllene
    20.37mg/g A-Humulene
    20.08mg/g Limonene

Mammoth Labs Diamond Infused Pre-rolls

  • Don Mega
    44.93% THC
  • Han Solo Burger
    55.6% THC
  • Ice Cream Cake
    50.02% THC
  • Kush Mints
    57.04% THC
  • Tropsanto
    51.48% THC


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