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New Brand Alert: Introducing Kabunky BRIX©

Recent innovations in cultivation technology and genetics have driven “old-school” consumers away, claiming modern cannabis is just too potent.

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Top-shelf brands are taking a back seat to the hottest new flower brand on the market. Introducing Kabunky BRIX©.

This throwback brand is returning old-school consumers to the simple flower they know and love.

Kabunky BRIX© brings us back to a different time, when weed wasn’t even really weed. You’ll find everything you remember about brick-weed:

  • Highly compressed 
  • Ample stems
  • Un-trimmed
  • Plenty of seeds
  • Intense chlorophyll scent and flavor

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But the best part about Kabunky BRIX© is that it offers minimal, to no noticeable euphoric effects. Seriously, you won’t feel a thing!

Our Kabunky BRIX© Are Better Because They’re Worse!


If you’re part of the new majority of cannabis users out there, you’re over those frosty, terpy, dank, high-THC flowers. The psychoactive effects are just too much to handle!

Top-shelf cannabis has gone too far, with most users claiming intense body relaxation, overwhelming creativity, complete pain relief, and even stress relief and more restful sleep.

This is the current state of cannabis and it’s unsustainable. Thankfully, Kabunky BRIX © offers none of those effects. In fact, it offers almost no discernible psychoactive effects at all.

Users respect that about Kabunky BRIX©. Knowing what kind of experience they won’t have going in makes all the difference.

Most Kabunky BRIX© users confirm that this weed will not get you high. In fact, if anything, it makes you feel worse than before you smoked it.

Not only will it not get you get high, you’ll experience all of the well-known downsides of smoking brick-weed, which include:

  • Headache
  • Intense cough
  • Lung-ache
  • Horrible lingering smell
  • Loss of friends

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what some of our users are saying:

“When you’re done with top-shelf flowers, give Kabunky BRIX© a try. By far the worst cannabis in Nevada! I can’t wait to see what they Diet-Dew next.” – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“Straight trash! Definitely check them out!” – Melania Trump


So, when you’re ready to make a switch to those flowers you remember, give Kabunky BRIX© a try!

And if you like our Kabunky KWICK STICKS and Kabunky Klear Cartidges, make sure you pick up one of our new Kabunky BRIX© STIX!

It’s just a hunk of brick-weed crammed into a disposable cartridge. It doesn’t even work, hahaha!

Happy April Fools from Nevada Made Marijuana! 

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