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Make Your Own Infused Prerolls!

Making your own infused prerolls saves you money and gives you more flavor and potency options!

Make Your Own Infused Prerolls

Infused prerolls account for nearly 30% of preroll sales in some markets. Their popularity is due to a number of reasons, including flavor, potency, and the wonderfully unique euphoric experiences that result from mixing various flower and concentrate strains. 

Infusing cannabis with concentrates has been around for a long time. Who hasn’t sprinkled a little kief on a bowl, or dropped a few slivers of hash into a joint? Those old-school methods of infusing flowers have gotten a major upgrade in today’s modern cannabis industry. Custom blends of all kinds are available to consumers, but why buy what you can make? 

Let’s get started! 

What Is Twaxing?

Twaxing refers to the practice of combining flowers and concentrates and it’s evolved so far that it’s becoming art. Check out this example of some beautiful, handmade smokeable pieces. 


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You don’t have to be as skilled as @karl_kronic to make some delightful twaxed prerolls. Yours might not be as pretty your first round, but they’ll taste great and have you feeling even greater! All you need to get started are some Kabunky prerolls and a syringe of Kabunky Klear and you’re all set. 

Start by choosing a flavor or potency combination that appeals to you. We’re big fans of our #9 and Laughing Laughlin strains, so we went with some #9 and Laughing Laughlin prerolls, and a syringe of #9 Kabunky Klear. 

Laughlin prerolls

Our #9 prerolls are from our Kabunky Rak, and the Laughing Laughlin are from our Tiny Tins. The Rak has five, full-gram prerolls, and the Tiny Tin holds five, half-gram prerolls. We’re using two sizes for both personal and group options. Infusing flowers with concentrates creates a wicking effect that makes the flowers burn much slower and last a lot longer. Expect nearly double the time it will take you to smoke a non-infused preroll. Infuse half-gram prerolls for personal use, and full-gram prerolls for group occasions. 

It’s Super Easy!

Making infused prerolls is easy


twaxing prerolls

There’s no real trick to twaxing prerolls. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward. Simply squeeze your oil out slowly, applying it to the preroll as shown. You can make any design you choose, but keep the oil to the top half of the preroll to allow for full consumption. Over-oiling your preroll will result in waste. Here are a few tips that will make for a better finished product:

  • Warm your oil prior to applying. Put it in a sunny window sill, wet a dish towel with hot tap water and wrap for a few minutes, or snug it up next to your hot coffee cup. **Do not heat your syringe in the microwave.
  • Tamp or ‘pack’ your preroll prior to applying your oil. This will give you a more firm preroll and a better final smoke. To tamp, gently tap the preroll on its’ filter against a hard surface to pack the contents a little more snugly. 
  • Don’t over-apply your oil. A little goes a long way, especially considering the wicking effect.

Gently ring the preroll with your desired amount of oil. Try and keep the oil even as you dispense so you create the most even burn possible. Don’t ring the very tip of the preroll with oil. You don’t want to be touching flame to the oil when lighting. Rather, you want to leave enough space to get the preroll fully lit and let it burn into the oil ring.

Have fun with making your own infused prerolls. The more you do the better you’ll become at making unique and interesting designs. Plus, you’ll open yourself to a whole new world of hybrid euphorias. Mix it up and cross all kinds of strain varieties until you find your perfect combination.

Oiling prerolls

WARNING! Over-oiling your preroll can result in dripping. The oil will liquify on the outside of the preroll and drip if you apply too much, so start with small amounts until you find the best oil ratio. Always monitor your twaxed preroll while smoking to avoid oil drips.


Nevada Made prerolls

Making your own infused prerolls is simple. All you need are a few items from Nevada Made and you’ll be twaxing in no time! Remember a few helpful tips:

  • Warm your oil prior to dispensing
  • Don’t apply too much oil
  • Pick the preroll size that’s right for the occasion
  • Try new twax combinations for unique euphoric experiences

Click here to shop our website by location. You’re going to have a blast making your own infused prerolls!