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What are the Major Differences between Indica and Sativa?

What are the Major Differences between Indica and Sativa?

Indica and sativa are two distinct species of plants with numerous strains that can be found at your local cannabis dispensary. What are the major differences between indica and sativa cannabis plants? Cannabis enthusiasts report that indica and sativa strains produce very different effects. So, which cannabis type is best for you?

The effects of specific cannabis strains vary dramatically even within the same strain. The best way to determine which strains of cannabis produce the best effects for your unique goals is through experimentation.

The following information examines cannabis strains from both indica and sativa plants, including the physical appearance and differing effects of each. This information will help you choose the best strains during your next Trending Leafs cannabis delivery or in-store experience.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Strain

It is important to consider several factors when deciding which cannabis strains would be most beneficial for your unique goals.

  • Desired Effects (Sedative or Energizing)
  • Benefits Sought (Pain Relief, Sleep, Creativity, Etc.)
  • Experience with Cannabis
  • Strains Availability

The best way to ensure a pleasant experience is to look at each strain’s individual properties and speak with a budtender about each type. The budtender should be knowledgeable about each type of loose flower, edibles, and other products that are currently available.

Cannabis Plant Growth Habits

Casinos are one of the most popular reasons that tourists flock to Las Vegas. Can you smoke inside Las Vegas Casinos?

Yes, and No. The rules for smoking inside casinos vary greatly depending on which casino you visit and your location therein. Smoking is only permitted in specific areas that prohibit minors. Check for signs and designated areas upon your arrival.

Smoke Weed Before Hitting the Buffet

Build up an appetite and make the most of your meal experience buying smoking weed before you hit the buffet. Las Vegas is home to numerous eateries and restaurants that offer a wide range of culinary options.

Weed on the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is graced by the familiar smell of weed and is smoked openly in many areas. It is legal to smoke along the strip in public. However, pay attention to signage along the way. Areas along the strip that are designated as private properties may prohibit smoking.

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Precautions to Smoking Weed in Las Vegas

Smoking weed in public is technically illegal in the majority of places throughout Las Vegas.  Most law enforcement officers will overlook discreet pot smokers. However, legally you could face a misdemeanor charge and a $600 dollar fine if you are cited for smoking in public.

Public cannabis laws are not always highly enforced, but it is important to practice a sense of discretion when you smoke. Utilize common sense and make practical decisions when choosing where to smoke. Look for signs that prohibit pot smoking in certain areas along the strip.

Smoking Pot While Driving

Driving after smoking pot is legally considered the same level of crime and poses the same penalties as drinking and driving. Save yourself a legal headache by waiting until you arrive at your location or by snagging a taxi or other means of transportation around town.

Discreet Ways to Enjoy Weed

Smoking weed is great, but you may not always be in a safe position to enjoy it. Stock up on products that are discreet and that you enjoy anywhere. Take advantage of the effects of cannabis through different ingestion methods, such as edibles, capsules, tinctures, powders, and/or topicals. These products will allow you to enjoy weed more discreetly in locations where smoking cannabis is strictly prohibited.

Where to Buy Weed in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to numerous marijuana dispensaries but not all are created equal. After your arrival at the Harry Reid Airport, grab a rental car, and then stop in at Nevada Made Marijuana for all of your weed essentials.

You’ll save yourself time, money, and unnecessary stress by choosing a location near the airport to stock up upon your arrival. We are conveniently located right up the road and happy to provide our customers with an extensive line of high-quality bud and discreet cannabis product options.

Stock Up at Nevada Made Marijuana

There are plenty of ways to enjoy marijuana during your stay in the Las Vegas area. Utilize common sense and practice discretion when smoking to stay out of trouble and snag a 420-friendly vacation rental to enhance your stay.

Stop in at Nevada Made Marijuana and ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders about the best strains and ways to enjoy weed in the Las Vegas area.