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Hash Rosin Gummies by The Grower Circle

Hash Rosin Gummies by the Grower Circle are on Nevada Made shelves!

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The Grower Circle is considered one of the best cultivators in Nevada, and for good reason. Their brand is synonymous with quality and dedication to the plant. Established in 2013, during Nevada’s early medical program, TGC continues to showcase their skills in the recreational market with the introduction of their solventless hash rosin gummies.


Flight Bites are infused gummies made from solventless hash rosin. This is a big deal because they only use water to separate the trichome heads from the plant, not hydrocarbon solvents. Not only will you experience a more pure cannabis flavor, you’ll experience a more pure cannabis euphoria.

Trichomes are the resin glands that appear as a frosty coating on cannabis flowers and leaves and they contain most of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that come together to get you high. TGC uses ice, water, and a lot of elbow grease to separate the trichomes from the plant, and the results are incredible. Check this out!

Gathering the trichomes is only half of the process, they must then be pressed into rosin using a rosin press. To make hash rosin, the trichomes are squeezed between two heated metal plates. The rosin press applies a precise amount of heat and pressure, breaking down the trichomes into a oozy liquid consistency. This is hash rosin and it’s one of the more elite products you can make with cannabis.

Using only water to separate the trichomes helps preserve the integrity of the resin glands, allowing extractors to capture more beneficial properties, creating a more robust edible. You’re getting more of the compounds that contribute to the Entourage Effect with solventless edibles. Try them for yourself and you’ll agree — this isn’t your standard edible experience.


Infused with hash rosin and packed with Nerds candy, Flight Bites are delicious, potent, and a whole lot of fun! These top-tier edibles are one of the most unique products to hit the market and we’ve got them at all three Nevada Made locations.

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*Keep out of reach of children/For adults 21 & over.