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Everything that You Need to Know about Cannabis Microdosing

Everything that You Need to Know about Cannabis Microdosing

Cannabis microdosing allows an individual to reap the health benefits of marijuana, without any changes to their mood, perception, and/or disposition. Not wanting to get high probably sounds crazy if you are a daily stoner. But some people simply don’t enjoy it.

Think of a few people that you care about who don’t like to smoke weed. Do any of these individuals struggle with depression, anxiety, and/or have difficulty managing daily tasks?

If so, cannabis microdosing may be the solution. Cannabis microdosing is the practice in which an individual consumes a tiny amount of weed to reap the health benefits of the marijuana plant, without experiencing the high caused by ingesting too much THC.

Could cannabis microdosing help provide relief for you or someone that you love? Starting your own microdosing regimen is easy once you understand how the method works. In the following informational guide, we explore the benefits, methods, dosage guidelines, and anything else that you might need to know about cannabis microdosing.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing refers to the practice of ingesting tiny amounts of a substance for its medicinal benefits. For many years, the term microdosing was reserved for micro-sized doses of hallucinogens, most notably, LSD and Shrooms.

Cannabis is far different than a hallucinogen, but the concept behind microdosing remains the same. Effective microdosing practices involve consuming tiny amounts of THC, regularly, for an extended period of time.

Scientists recently discovered that marijuana could provide health benefits in much lower amounts than previously believed. Recent reports reveal that cannabis microdosing could improve mood and focus without getting you high.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Microdosing?

People throughout Las Vegas are discovering the benefits of cannabis through microdosing. Thankfully are reporting promising results.

Benefits of Cannabis Microdosing:

  • Better Mood
  • Increased Creativity
  • Improved Focus
  • Reduced Stress
  • Overall Wellness

Many individuals also report that these micro-sized doses of marijuana have also been shown to help people with anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, obtain relief from their symptoms. Cannabis microdosing has even been shown to help with drug and /or alcohol addiction.

How Much Weed is Considered a Microdose?

There is no specific amount of THC that has been defined as the standard for effective microdosing. In fact, the optimal amount of THC for microdosing will vary based on your unique body chemistry.   Technically, anything below 10mg is considered a low dose of THC, but experts suggest starting much lower than this amount. Buy weed products that contain less than 5mg of THC.

For most people, the ideal starting dose for THC tends to be around 2.5mg. The potency of the flower will also vary between brands and products.

This is one of countless reasons that its always better to start slow and gradually increase weed intake, 1 mg of THC at a time.

Vegas cannabis microdosing

Is Smoking Weed a Good Way to Microdose?

Smoking weed is never recommended as a method for microdosing. It is simply impossible to judge the number of cannabinoids ingested during inhalation when you smoke weed. The potency of each hit would also vary based on each strain’s unique plant profile.  

The easiest and most accurate way to microdose is to buy weed edibles, such as gummies, mints, and other cannabis-infused products. These treats are pre-prepacked and labeled with all cannabinoid content information.

Where Do I Buy Weed and THC Products in the Las Vegas Area?

Using high-quality flower or reliable cannabis edibles is crucial for effective cannabis microdosing. Shop at a cannabis dispensary that you can trust for the best weed and honest, transparent cannabis-infused products.

Nevada Made Marijuana stocks an extensive inventory of fresh weed, edibles, THC vape pens in and more. Stop in and speak with a kind and knowledgeable budtender on your dispensary trip in the Las Vegas area.