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Can You Bring Weed on a Plane at the Las Vegas Airport?

Can You Bring Weed on a Plane at the Las Vegas Airport?

Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) accommodates over 500 flights daily and is the biggest airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. The massive airport is only minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip dispensaries, quality lodging and fun and frolic.

People from all walks of life enjoy legalized weed while in Las Vegas, including newbies and experienced stoners. But what about the flight back home?

It can be enticing to stock up on weed before you depart from Las Vegas, especially if you reside in a state where marijuana is illegal. Can you bring weed on a plane at the Las Vegas Airport?

What are the Laws for Bringing Weed onto an Airplane?

Marijuana is prohibited at all US airports, regardless of the airline provider, travel designation, or specific plane involved. The Federal Government dictates all laws for aviation travel. Unfortunately, this means that weed will remain federally illegal until a marijuana reform occurs.

Can You Fly with Weed if Both States Have Legalized Marijuana?

No. Bringing weed on a flight is also prohibited, even if both airports are in marijuana-friendly locations.

Does Airport Security Search for Weed?

According to the TSA, their officers do not intentionally search for marijuana or any other prohibited substance. However, they do admit that they will be required to confiscate and report any weed that is discovered.

Can Las Vegas Airport Security Detect Weed?

Yes. In most cases, weed can be easily detected by airport security personnel and/or airport scanners. Airport security has been trained to catch travelers who are trying to sneak weed onto the plane. They have also been warned about the increased likelihood of these occurrences in weed-friendly states, including on flights out of the Harry Reid International Airport.

Weed, like all organic matter, appears orange on TSA security scanners. Some people have reported sneaking small amounts through, although this is not suggested.

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What Would Happen if You Got Caught with Weed at the Airport?

You may be tempted to try to bring weed back on your flight if you have a significant amount left over. Some people do get away with sneaking small amounts of weed onto flights, but what would happen if you got caught?

Most likely, TSA officials would confiscate your weed and send you on your way. However, this is not guaranteed. In certain circumstances, airport security may contact law enforcement. For example, if an individual is caught trying to sneak large amounts of weed onto the plane.

Is There a Weed Dispensary Near the Las Vegas Airport?

Are you flying into the Harry Reid International Airport? Weed is sure to make nearly any experience more enjoyable, regardless of what brings you to the Las Vegas area.  weed, pot edibles, THC pens, and more during their stay.

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