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A Message About Our Vape Products

Additives have no place in vape cartridges and disposables.


We’d like to address the recent developments regarding vape warnings issued by government health agencies. As you may know, hundreds have been hospitalized and as many as five people have died due to an unknown lung illness thought to have been caused by vaping. Read the CDC’s official statement here

While there is no confirmed diagnosis surrounding the issue, medical investigators are centering their research around the various cutting agents that can be used during the manufacturing process. Specifically, they’re looking at Vitamin E acetate, but there are other dilutants that have made their way into cartridges, including various oils and glycerin based products. 

As the manufacturer of Kabunky products, we affirm that we’ve never used cutting agents in our vapes and disposable cartridges. Our products contain 100% distilled cannabis oil and food grade terpenes. But, also as a retailer of outside brands, we must take our commitment to quality one step further, which is why we will insist that all brands we carry follow this same standard.

Going forward, we will only carry vape products that are free from cutting agents and dilutants. The only thing that should be in your vape is cannabis oil and terpenes. That is the quality standard we set on all vape products we sell.

This isn’t a new standard either. Like us, two of our most popular brands have made it their mission from day one to never use cutting agents. Both Select and AiroPro have released statements affirming their companies stance on cutting agents. We are proud that Kabunky has always met this standard as well, ensuring the best quality and potency for our consumers.

Going forward, this policy will provide the reassurance you need to know that you’re getting the best products possible.

Please read and share our statement of quality. As always, thank you for your continued support.